About Us

Who are Solid Mint?

Solid Mint are a 'Financial Services Lead Supply Company’ We deliver Pay-Per-Click (PPC) leads from a range of digital platforms including

You Tube

We have a Team of highly skilled ‘Ninjas’ that are constantly tweaking our funnels and ads to improve quality. We have a full time Geek (analyst) who is bonused on quality improvement, it’s his full-time job to make sure we are constantly improving quality. It’s a constant job because platforms and algorithms change and we must always look to stay ahead of the curve. We consistently take feedback from Clients and analyse leads that have converted, so we can look for trends in campaigns that might signal higher conversion rates. We are all quality geeks if the truth be known!


We understand compliance and governance within the Financial Services Sector, all campaigns are developed within the framework of our experience within this Industry.