Our aim is single-minded and focussed...

To help you grow your business, via the delivery of highly converting leads, within a compliant driven environment. If we succeed at this goal our business will grow in line with yours.

Our testimonials speak for themselves; our Clients are actively growing their business in direct relation to our leads.

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Both contact rate and conversions are excellent, we have added 3 advisors since we
started work with Solid Mint in July 2019. We would not be without them, in fact I
thought long and hard about sharing this with my competitors!

David Hughes

Simple Financial Planning

    • Forget agencies that want to charge expensive retainers that put a dent in your cash flow and put all the risk on you. We fund our own marketing funnels and ad spend and sell you the high quality leads we produce from them - so you only pay as and when you receive the leads.
    • Quality is the name of the game with our leads, we ensure our marketing funnels kick out the tyre kickers before they reach your Team. Rest assured your Team are going to love our leads!
    • So, if you want dynamic business growth from a consistent supply of high quality leads, all you have to do is call and we will show you how we can help you knock your sales targets out of the park!

Our Strengths

We are well versed in working with small and medium-sized businesses, in addition to large corporate clients. We generate thousands of leads per month on a 'cost per lead 'basis. All leads are sold exclusively to each client.

We have in depth knowledge of working within strict compliance frameworks and thrive on delivering GDPR compliant leads to our Clients. All leads are fully opted in to allow us to sell the data to you. All data is stored securely. We take pride in keeping both.

All leads are delivered live into your online Solid Mint portal. You will be notified as leads arrive and all leads will receive an automatic text message to let them know your Company is going to be calling them. Our CRM can link into your CRM via API integration.

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